Many homes are fitted with internal blinds to offer privacy and light control. However, fixing outdoor blinds around your house will provide additional benefits unique to their location. Several of these advantages are explained below.

Keep Rooms Cooler

Outdoor blinds are ideally positioned on the exterior walls to prevent the sun from heating up the windows. You could opt for pale-coloured blinds for the best effect, as light hues reflect more heat than darker ones. The problem with indoor blinds is that they don't block the sun from warming up the glass window pane. So the window then emits its absorbed heat into the home. Indoor blinds then attempt to hinder it from entering, but by then, it is too late as the window is already hot. Indoor coverings can only minimise heat transfer. Exterior blinds, though, stop the windows from heating up in the first place.

Maintain Visibility While Protecting Furniture

Direct sunlight can cause sofas, carpets, and flooring to fade and discolour, giving a patchy look to a room's furnishings. While indoor blinds can block sunlight, they inevitably affect the view to some degree as well, even if you use UV-mesh blinds.

The benefit of outdoor blinds is that you can install retractable awnings that angle outwards from the wall. That way, they block direct sunlight from above, but they let you look out horizontally, onto a garden view, for example.

Enhance Kerb View

Though you may notice indoor window coverings from a distance, they don't have as much impact as external blinds. Exterior blinds let you get creative with the facade to make it more appealing. For example, you could create accents with the blinds by installing them in dark navy against cream walls. A common trend is to repeat the roof colour on the blinds, as the roofing typically contrasts against the walls.

Alternatively, you can generate a smoother effect by continuing the wall colour on the blinds, blending them together. You also have stripes and other patterns available to decorate the facade. When open, the external blinds neatly fit into a cassette at the top of the window.

Protect Your Patio

External blinds can protect a patio or be fashioned to create an outdoor room. For example, install a large retractable awning or connect vertical blinds to posts or building components. External blinds can function as vertical walls to create a cosy space. Opt for manual or motorised versions that move at the touch of a button. Exterior blinds can also be fitted with sensors to automatically close if rain threatens.

For more information about outdoor blinds, contact a local service.