A good proportion of the money that is spent on window treatments in the country goes on Venetian blinds. It is easy to see why. There are plenty of sound reasons to choose this classic design for residences. What is it about them that will make them so ideal for your home?

Ease Of Cleaning

One of the best things about Venetian blinds is that they take very little time to clean. Yes, the slats of Venetians blinds indeed tend to collect dust when they are held in their horizontal position. However, to keep them looking good, all you need to do is to tip them into their vertical orientation and run a duster or a microfibre cloth over them. Other than that, there is virtually nothing you need to do to keep them in perfect condition. Compare that to a pair of curtains, for example, which need to be taken down once in a while to be dry cleaned as well as being vacuumed every month or so.

High Levels of Privacy

People like Venetian blinds because even when they are open, they are hard for people outside to see through. Unless you press your face up to a window which is dressed with a blind of this type, you cannot make out anything inside other than approximate shapes and shadows. This means being able to enjoy plenty of light inside your home without being too exposed to prying eyes. Of course, if you want to enjoy even greater levels of privacy, then you can always alter the pitch of the blind's slats and shut out all viewing angles.

Great Light Control

Venetian blinds don't work like any other window treatment. You can raise and lower them, much like a roller blind, or you can alter the angle of the slats, much like a vertical blind. Therefore, you have superb light control at your fingertips. If you want maximum light flow, then simply raise them. Equally, you can cut out glare when wanted as well as being able to fine-tune their position to obtain just the level of natural light you want indoors but no more.


Although they are very stylish and can be made from top-notch materials like aluminium, a set of Venetian blinds is not very expensive compared to other sorts of window treatments. Therefore, you can generate a uniform look throughout your entire home without any unnecessary outlay.