When buying venetian blinds there are a few different materials you can choose from. The three main materials are wood, plastic, and metal venetian blinds. Each of these materials has benefits and downsides, and it is up to personal preference to decide which one is best for you. Below is a brief look into the three types of venetian blinds.

Wooden blinds

Wood has the advantage of  being attractive. Wooden venetian blinds bring to the table sophistication, calmness and a good general aura. Wooden venetian blinds are also thick and durable and can stand a huge amount of force before they break. When painted, wooden venetian blinds seep in the paint giving a deep and strong appearance to the blinds. They are also easy to clean.

However, wooden venetian blinds require a significant amount of maintenance. They have to go through termite treatment to keep them safe from the little pests. They also have to be treated for rot which is a common problem with wooden household items. They are not waterproof and excessive exposure to water, even vapour, can cause damage. If you must have wooden blinds, then consider roller blinds which have a less chance of damage compared to venetian blinds.

PVC blinds

PVC venetian blinds are easy to install, clean and maintain. They can also be customised with colour and design without a lot of work. They boast of strength and longevity. They are also waterproof and are not attacked by any pests. In comparison to wooden and metal venetian blinds, PVC blinds are the cheapest option.

On the other hand, PVC are hard to repair. Once broken, you will need to replace the venetian blinds. When PVC venetian blinds scratch, the scratches are not easily eliminated and will sometimes gather dirt creating a negative appearance. Some PVC venetian blinds are very light. They are easily blown off by the wind therefore compromising your privacy. This however can be prevented by picking out venetian blinds that feel heavy.

Metal blinds

Metal venetian blinds have lustre, easy modification, durability and are hygienic. When properly maintained metal blinds can last years with little to no repairs needed. They have solid bodies and are therefore not easily scratched or dented as compared to wooden and PVC blinds. They are relatively cheap and give you the best value for your money.

On the con side however, metal blinds face corrosion as a threat. You have to make sure that the blinds are not exposed to moisture for a long term otherwise they will rust and get damaged. You will have to constantly shelter them from moisture to keep them in their best state.