If you want to add some unique personality to your home's interior, you might start with the doors! Simple panel doors that open on side hinges are certainly functional, but they do very little to add style to your home. Consider some unique door styles you might choose for your home's interior and how they can work to make the space truly your own.

Barn doors

On an actual barn, the doors are often attached to a track above the door frame, and they slide on a wheel along that frame. This allows the barn to have a large, wide doorway, but without needing added clearance for opening those oversized doors. Inside your home, you might choose the same type of door style; the door itself can be somewhat rustic or upscale, depending on the material used to create it. The track and other hardware can be big and bold, made from a matte black metal or an antique brass. This adds lots of visual interest to the door and creates a unique look for any entryway.


A glass door inside the home can be very modern and upscale. This is a good choice for rooms where you might need some noise insulation, but not necessarily privacy; for example, if you have a home office, you may actually prefer to see through the doorway to keep an eye on your children, but need the sound insulation of a thick door. Glass doors can also create a stunning visual effect when placed between the living and dining room, as this keeps the area open and airy but also ensures a bit of separation between the spaces.

Bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors are often used for closets, but they can make for a very unique entryway and division between two interior rooms. Using bi-fold doors can mean a larger doorway that makes for a grand look and feel, and which can also accommodate more foot traffic at one time; this makes bi-fold doors a great choice for dining rooms, family rooms, and any room in which you entertain. They're also good for use when you want to widen a doorframe but don't have clearance for standard sized doors; if you want to create an open look between two rooms, let in more sunlight through back windows, or need to accommodate a wheelchair, you can widen a doorframe and then install bi-fold doors that fold up compactly when opened.