Roller shutters can add insulation to a home, keeping out hot summertime sun and cold winter wind. These shutters also protect windows during a storm, or if you live near a roadway that can result in your home's windows being hit by gravel and other flying debris. For those who suffer from migraines, shutters can also darken a room more than many curtains and blinds. When you are ready to choose roller shutters for your home, note a few details to keep in mind so you're sure to find the best ones for your space:


Manual shutters are often the most affordable; these work with a type of crank or cable that is installed inside the home. For smaller windows or when you only want a few roller shutters installed, this can be a good option.

However, consider that an electric model of the shutter is much easier to use. This type of shutter will have a switch or button that is installed inside the home, and which operates a motor that raises or lowers the shutters, similar to an automatic garage door opener, making operation very convenient. An electric model has no cable attached to the crank inside the home, so you don't need to worry about this piece breaking and needing replacement.

Note, too, that some electric switches can actually be solar-powered. A small solar panel will absorb sunlight during the day and store it in a battery attached to the switches, so you don't use any electricity to operate the shutters. This can be an eco-friendly choice and help save any electrical costs in operating the shutters as well.


When choosing the colour for your home's roller shutters, you may need to choose a colour for the housing, guides, and bottom rail. This hardware can easily stand out and look a bit industrial, so you might opt for a black powder coating or an oil-rubbed bronze metal. This will tone down the look of these accessories and ensure the shutters are attractive, and that they add real curb appeal to your home.


PVC or vinyl shutters may mean more noise insulation for your home and may be less likely to dent or ding if hit by gravel or other debris. These materials also won't rust over time. However, metal roller shutters may have a more traditional look and can be repainted if you want to change their appearance. They're also more fire resistant, something to consider if your home is at high risk for brush fires.