The doors you have in your home should do more than just function to provide privacy and separation between rooms; doors can add style and sound insulation, and also encourage more light and air to pass through the home, making it more comfortable overall. If any room in your home, or the entryway to a patio or outdoor area, needs a new door, note a few tips for finding a style that is functional as well as stylish and attractive:

Sliding doors

In smaller spaces or for rooms where the furniture is oversized and may get in the way of the door's needed clearance, it's good to consider sliding doors. You have a few options for these; pocket doors actually slide into the wall itself. This can be a difficult installation,  as you would need a contractor to cut that pocket into the door and install the gliders for the door, then patch up the wall around it. However, pocket doors may be the most compact option.

Barn-style doors are another option, and these can be very stylish. These doors work with a track that is installed above the doorframe; the door itself will have wheels that sit on the track, so you can roll the door to one side or the other. The hardware for the track might be oversized so it looks very rustic. This style allows you to have a thick and heavy sliding door, which may be preferred for aesthetics as well as for providing more sound insulation between spaces.

Bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors are good for very wide or oversized room entryways. Having more than one panel on a section of the door helps to disperse the weight, so the door is less likely to pull away from the hinges and become uneven.

French doors

French doors usually have two panels with hinges on the outside of each panel, and curved or scrolling handles for added style. These doors can add elegance and a welcoming look to any entryway, or to an interior room. You might consider having the entryway to the master bedroom widened and then having French doors installed, to give the space an upscale look.

French doors typically have glass inserts that make up the door itself, and this is especially good for doors leading to a patio or outdoor space, so you always have a view of that area. For interior doors, consider frosted glass if you want to maintain privacy while still enjoying the elegant look of these doors.