The primary reason why people install skylights in their homes is to allow more daylight into their living space. For those who also want to improve ventilation, venting models are ideal options. By letting in more natural light and providing more natural ventilation, skylights reduce homeowners' reliance on artificial lighting and air conditioning systems, thus leading to substantial energy savings. This, in turn, helps lower energy costs.

The benefits that skylights can bring go beyond just energy savings. If you're contemplating adding these roof lights to your home, you should know about these added benefits. 

1. They provide a view of the sky.

You don't have to be an astronomer to appreciate the sky's beauty. Colourful auroras, clear daytime skies, clear nighttime skies with brilliant moonlight, and starry nights are all examples of picturesque views of the sky that will truly captivate your mind. 

As they are installed on the roof of your house, skylights are the ultimate amenities for your daytime and nighttime delight and fascination under the sky.

2. They can be used for emergency egress. 

Are you worried that your home doesn't have enough emergency exits? Why not add more exit points for emergency situations by installing larger skylights? With a skylight added to the loft and a compact ladder kept in the room, you can easily escape from your home in case of fire or other emergencies. The skylight can also be used to make emergency rescue easier if someone is trapped inside the home.

3. They can make your home more aesthetically appealing. 

From an architectural design perspective, skylights can really give your home a facelift. These roof lights are made of glazing material—typically glass or acrylic—secured in a framing system.

The glazing material and framing system that you choose can affect the overall design and look of your house. For example, a typical clear, single-glazed unit will introduce the striking blue colour of a cloudless daytime sky into your living space, giving the feeling that your home interiors are synced to the outdoorsy world, but also presenting the opportunity to bathe the unit's framing in a palette of amazing colors. 

4. They can increase the value of your home.

As skylights improve indoor comfort and can also add visual appeal to homes, they are often considered to be luxury features. As a result, you can significantly increase the value of your home by adding functional and aesthetic skylights to it.

If you think adding skylights is the right home improvement project for you, contact a window installation specialist to discuss more about your project.