Shutters provide interior and exterior cover for windows and they can be operable or non-operable depending on your utility and décor preference. Regardless of how you choose to use them, you need to know how to pick the best type for your home. Here are a few pointers to help you make the right choice.

•    Consider Shutter Options in Light of Your Home's Exterior Design

Shutters play a role in amplifying the exterior beauty of your home. You, therefore, need to select the shutter type that blends with and compliments your home's design. A Bermuda styled shutter is most suitable for an exterior coastal design for example while a board and batten shutter design favours a barn-inspired house design. If you don't know what style to pick, get inspiration from homes in your neighbourhood with similar designs.  You may also consult an interior designer.

•    Decide Which Material Best Suits Your Preference

Shutters are made of different materials each with different characteristics. For example, a wooden shutter offers a rustic feel to the home's aesthetic but also calls for more attention during cleaning and maintenance. A Vinyl shutter will not require maintenance paintwork in the future, and it retains its colour longer despite exposure to the elements. A composite shutter offers both an authentic feel while still being durable.

•    Factor in the Cost

Knowing how much each type of shutter design costs will help guide your purchase decision. Vinyl shutters typically cost less than wood shutters. Note that the price for the latter type varies depending on the particular species used to make it. When it comes to cost, don't just look at the purchase price but also consider maintenance. What it will cost you to both buy and maintain the shutters after purchase is a more accurate guide for your decision making.

•    Pick the Appropriate Size

Although it might seem obvious, buying the shutter that correctly fits the size of your window can be a challenge. A correctly fitting shutter should cover your window when you close it. Its elements should also line up with the corresponding elements on the window to fit well.


No matter the primary role window shutters play in a home, you need to buy those that bring out the best of your home's style. Various materials have a different aesthetic appeal and different maintenance needs.  Consider your needs and do your homework, before making a purchase decision.