If you are at present putting up a new extension and not certain of the number of panels to add to your bifold doors, worry not. Typically, the number of panels affects how your bifold doors open. In contrast to any other door type, bifold doors can be built from two all the way up to seven panels. Besides affording you a spacious opening when entirely folded back, bifolding doors are good-looking whether open or closed. At the end of this article, homeowners should be able to choose the number of panels suitable for their bifold doors.

Two-panel bifold doors

This is the smallest type of all folding doors. If you wish to replace your traditional patio door, consider the two-panel bifold door. It will immediately afford you a greater clean opening when folded. Often, two-panel bifold doors feature a floating mullion which forms part of its design. This is an added aluminium profile attached to the locking section of the doors, allowing the opening of one or both sides.

Three-panel bifold doors

This is arguably the most popular design of bifold. It allows you quite a number of opening options. The doors can all slide as one to the right or left, to the outside or the inside. Moreover, homeowners can have them installed with an access leaf which allows one casement door to work similar to a normal door. As a result, you can access the outside environment without necessarily sliding all the casements back.

Four-panel bifold doors

Four panel doors provide a larger glass area for scenic views or openings when folded back. With four- panel bifold doors, all the panels can fold on both right and left sides, and a French door arrangement can be incorporated in the middle or on the sides of the doors.

Five-panel bifold doors

Bifold doors with five panels offer three opening choices. All the five panels can slide jointly in the same direction, the installation of an access leaf is made possible wherever in the set, and three panels can slide to the right and the remaining two on the left side.

Six-panel bifold doors

A six-panel bifold door has three panels on one side and three on the other side. Again each door can slide in the same direction or three to the right and three to the left.

 Seven panel bifold doors

The seven-panel folding door is the ultimate in maximum opening area. It also affords homeowners the most versatile opening options in comparison to others. Four panels can slide to one side and three on the other side. Alternatively, all the doors can slide jointly to the same side.