Although many people choose tinted car windows for style reasons, window tinting is about more than just style. It has a number of important benefits, not just for safe driving but for the health of drivers and passengers. 

Heat reduction

The summer sun can make a car's interior uncomfortably, even dangerously, hot. Car window tinting keeps out much of the sun's energy; the exact reduction depends on the tint. Shading the car's interior in this way can keep the car comfortably cool, especially on long journeys. A cooler car means less reliance on air-conditioning, reducing fuel consumption and environmental impact. 

Glare protection

Driving with the sun in your eyes can be a nuisance. More than that, though, it can be dangerous, making it harder to see other vehicles on the road or the environment around you. A tinted windscreen cuts down on glare, making it easier to see clearly and drive safely. 

Preventing upholstery damage

Ultraviolet radiation from the sun can have a damaging effect both on your car and on you. Prolonged exposure to these rays can fade or crack your car's upholstery, requiring costly replacement. In some climates, this can happen in only a few years. With tinted windows, the incoming UV rays will be reduced, extending the life of your upholstery. 

Skin safety

Australians are at significant risk of skin damage as a result of long-term exposure to bright sun. Conventional car windows stop only a small percentage of the harmful UV radiation, meaning that driving on sunny days, especially over long distances, can cause sunburn and premature ageing or even contribute to skin cancer. Tinted glass cuts down on drivers' exposure to sun. 

Shatter resistance

The right window tinting film can not only protect a car from the sun but also from accidental damage, vandalism or theft. Shatterproof tinting film provides a second layer of protection that keeps glass fragments together following an impact. In the event of a collision, passengers will be at less risk from glass shards; this also makes it more difficult for a vandal or would-be thief to gain entrance.

A tinted window does much more than protect the privacy of a car's occupants. As we have seen, it also provides additional protection for the vehicle and its passengers from the harmful effects of the sun, promotes safe driving and more. Window tinting is much more about safety than style -- although of course, it's stylish too.