Bi-fold doors are a hugely popular feature in modern Australian homes. They add light, versatility and a beautiful aesthetic to your living space. They also provide a wonderful way to connect your indoor living space with your outdoor living space on a deck or patio.

Many people who live in a climate that experiences very cold winters or very hot summers may be reluctant to install bi-fold doors. This is because the large expanse of glass may reduce a home's energy efficiency and insulation. However, by choosing the right glazing for your new bi-fold doors, you can reduce the level of heat transference through the glass. here are two effective ways to increase the performance of your bi-fold door glazing.

1. Opt for double glazing

Double glazing has been used in European countries for many years to increase the energy efficiency and insulation of homes. It's recently become more common in Australia as homeowners become more aware of the role that windows play in creating a sustainable and comfortable home environment.

Double glazing uses two panes of glass instead of the standard single pane. The pocket of air that is trapped between the panes creates an extra layer of insulation that dramatically reduces heat loss and gain through the glass.

For even better results, opt for double-glazed glass that has an inert gas such as Argon inside the cavity between panes. Inert gases have much lower thermal conductivity than air and will further increase the insulative properties of your bi-fold doors.

2. Use an insulation film

An insulation film is an adhesive product that is applied to the exterior surface of your bi-fold door glass. It's highly effective at preventing heat transference from the interior of your home and the exterior. Insulation film can be clear or you can opt for a tinted film which can also improve your home's privacy when the bi-fold doors are closed.

Insulation film also effectively blocks out harmful UV rays. This means it will help to protect your family from UV exposure while they're indoors and will also prevent fading and damage to your furniture, carpets, and soft furnishings.

Either of these glazing ideas will make your bi-fold doors a more energy efficient addition to your home and help to create a more comfortable living space. If you live in a climate where you experience extremes of hot or cold weather, using both ideas will give you the best possible result. Although these glazing options will cost you a little more than a bi-fold door with standard glazing, the investment will pay for itself rapidly with the reduction in costs for heating and cooling your home.